Iron County C-4

Online Registration Information

The Iron County C-4 School District has moved to an online registration via our SIS Parent Portal! Follow the steps and tips in the attached document to utilize this process.

If you do not have a device or internet access you can schedule a time to come into our office and register online on one of our computers.

Questions?  Call our Offices at (573)244-5521

To get started

  1. Click “Online Registration”
  2. If you are an Existing Bluejay Family you will login with your username(email) and password
  3. If you are new to the district you will need to click “Register New Family”
  4. Once In Parent Portal You will receive a message regarding online registration. Select view to begin registering your student(s).
  5. To add a new student to your existing family select “Student Information” and then “Add Student” at the bottom of the page.

Items You Will Need

Email Address

Proof Of Residency – all families (new and returning) must provide this documentation. What proof of residency are accepted? Property tax statement, legal property description, utility bill/agreement, rental agreement/receipt, or real estate contract. Proof of Residency must be in parent’s name. If you do have access to any of these files, please contact the school office.

Insurance Information (if applicable)

Medications (if applicable)

1.There will be several pages to fill out for each student in your family.

2.After you complete each page check the box at the bottom of the page acknowledging your electronic signature.            

3.Select “Save” After you have signed or finished each page.

4.Select “Next” to proceed to the next page.

5.If you don’t have the information you need you can save and complete the rest of the form at a later time.  However your student will not be registered until all forms have been completed, signed and saved.

6.Proof of Residency – if you do not have a digital copy of 1 of the required forms of proof you can take a picture with your camera phone of the document and upload it from your phone. Or come by our office and we will make a copy and help you upload the document.

7.Grades 6-12 – There are several athletic forms on the Grades 7-12 registration. If your child is not participating in athletics, please just leave the form blank but check the signature box and save.