Date Currently Quarantined Current Positive  Cases Total Quarantined Total Positive  Cases
04/14/2021 4 0 244 25


The Iron County C-4 School District continues to monitor the COVID-19 crisis and is adjusting school plans and schedules accordingly. The district will operate in compliance with local, state, and federal health guidelines.

As the COVID-19 continues to be an ever changing event, the Iron County C-4 School is committed to maintaining a normal and consistent learning environment. We believe that children learn best when learning is with a professional teacher and in person; however, we do understand the need some may have for their unique situations. Please click on the Re-Entry page here to learn more about our plans for working through the various scenarios during the reopening. Our current plan is to open in the Traditional manner; however, we will continue to monitor and may change plans as realities change. Please contact your child’s school if you have any questions or individual needs.